Repair Process
Here is a simplified version of some of the processes which our staff go through while checking and repairing parts to ensure the finest product available.

At Warfield Electric, we feel that the motor technician is the key to a quality motor.

Our apprentices are intensely trained for 3 years before becoming certified technicians.

Our motor technicians reassemble your motor with care, adding Nomax insulation in critical areas to ensure a tight fit.

The motor is assembled with double sealed bearings and high temperature grease.

In making a quality product, we use new springs, H 100 brushes (or T300 depending on the application), and all new hardware and insulators to ensure longer life.
All armatures that we assemble or remanufacture are insulated using Nomax insulation papers.

State of the art Joyal welding is used on the armatures in order to maintain insulation integrity without any annealing of the commutator while providing maximum connection.

The armatures are then trickle coated with two part polyester varnish and oven cured at controlled temperature for class "H" applications.

Armatures are diamond turned and undercut, tested bar-to-bar and then electronically balanced.
Field Coils
All field coils are manufactured and wound in our plant utilizing both hand winding and state of the art winding equipment.

Coils can be reengineered per customer request to optimize performance.

The field coils and posts are resistance welded to insure maximum connection before installation.

After installation, both field coils and field rings are flooded with class "H" varnish to ensure a tight fit and a barrier against moisture and fatigue in the future.