Our SERVICE is fast and dependable. We know your concerns when a lift is down. We know you need the motor repaired quickly and right the first time to alleviate down time.


We strive to make our QUALITY the best in the industry. It doesn't cost that much more to go first class and it pays off in the long run in customer satisfaction and repeat business.


We feel our PRICE is the best in the industry. Sure, there can always be a cheaper price from someone, but, most likely, service or quality will be compromised.

About Us
Those words have always been the driving force behind any successful business. We believe that Warfield Electric Company encompasses all of those attributes.

Our History
Since 1974, Warfield Electric has been in the forefront of producing quality, long lasting repairs of D.C. motors for the material handling industry.

Our business principal was then and remains today, to provide that industry with quality remanufactured motors at a fair price.

Warfield Electric has now grown to become the nation's largest D.C. motor remanufacturer. We stock over 10,000 motors at 10 locations in the U.S. on an exchange basis for all popular lift truck models. We also manufacture new OEM D.C. motors for over 15 manufactureres in the world.

  • We are "basic" in our manufacturing; meaning that the only items we outsource are bearings and brushes, and those are built to our demanding specifications.
  • Because we build our own field coils and armatures, we have the modern equipment and know how to rewind an armature back to factory specifications and save the middle man costs.

Whether you need an armature repaired or rewound, a set of brushes, bearings, field coils, a complete motor repair or a quick motor exchange, call WARFIELD ELECTRIC.