Warfield ElectricWarfield Electric Company
Warfield Electric Company has been supplying superior quality, remanufactured DC motors for the material handling industry for over 25 years. We also manufacture the motor components for all brands of material handling equipment. Our company consists of extensive facilities and dedicated individuals who have the expertise to produce a product that meets the demanding needs of the customer. With 10 nationwide locations, we are setting the standard for remanufactured and new DC motor distribution.

 Authorized National Remanufacturer for:


MotorsWarfield Electric produces new DC electric motors and remanufactured DC & AC motors as well as drive units for the material handling industry, electric vehicles and ground support equipment (GSE). We also provide the opportunity of exchange. We will work with your company's needs. 
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ArmaturesAt our facilities, our customers enjoy the benefits of "In House" armature rewinding and the machine shop service necessary to repair or replace armature shafts, commutators and other components.
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PartsWe have state-of-the-art machine and fabrication shops at our facilities in order to provide our customers with the finest product available. We have the expertise and equipment to manufacture field coils, field rings, end heads (commutator and drive), brush holders, and shafts.
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